Born on the backbone of adrenaline sports, the brand has matured into a unique streetwear label. The spirit of the brand remains with its people as we unite to create a unified heart beat that represents a relentless drive to succeed and the love we have for what we do. The spent ethos is that we will keep pushing till our very last beat. 


The roots of Spent run deep within each individual’s passion for their crafts. This is a lifestyle brand, driven by feeling. That feeling you get when you surpass your goals by giving something your absolute all, while never taking no as the final answer. Spent is chasing your dreams and exceeding life’s limitations whilst keeping the heart beating on whatever path you choose. Spent defines a lifestyle lived by many of us and continues to represent the ones driven by desire. 


So why Spent? They say there is a wall in life, and when things get hard you have hit that wall. So why sweat, struggle and continue to use everything you have when it seems there is nothing left for your goals? Because when your heart races, your breath quickens, and those walls begin to rise, you know that feeling our brand embodies is back. The feeling that you’ll break that wall down moving onto tomorrow and closer to that dream. No matter how spent you are, you will endure.