About Us

Spent was established in 2012 on the backbone of action sports, notably motocross and BMX. The term Spent does not mean #wasted like many have come to believe. Rather, #Spent is the feeling of pushing yourself to your limits until you are so exhausted that you just can’t push anymore. Spent is about having a dream and pursuing it with every inch of your being.

It has been eight years since Spent’s first collection was released in 2012. There have been ups and down since then but we have always strived for the best. I guess you could say we pushed ourselves until we were totally #Spent. While Spent lay dormant for there years, we didn’t. We spent the time investing in ourselves and our future, making mistakes and learning from them.

Today, we are back stronger than ever, ready to push forward to make our dreams reality. Although, we may have outgrown our personal connection to action sports, we will always support those who put it first.

We are focussed on being our best self and supporting our people in their journey to achieve their goals, whether those goals may be action sports, weightlifting or fitness and health. We want to see you succeed and push yourself until you are totally #Spent.