Matty Ceravolo X Dylan Arldt // Behind The Scenes

June 29, 2016

When you think of scooter kids you probably don't picture Matty Ceravolo. Matty has been on the Spent team for 18 months and teamed up with Dylan Arldt (Who also joined our media team this year). The pair made a Spent edit last year raking in almost 40 000 views, and Dylan has pieced together this rad Behind The Scenes edit to show everyone what goes into something of this level.

The edit took 4 months to film and involved a lot of bumps, cuts and bruises. Make sure you check out what the boys are up to now and let them know if you want to see a new edit.

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Be sure to support these boys as they do what they love. 

Matty Ceravolo:

Instagram: @mattyceravolo

Dylan Arldt:
Instagram: @dylanarldt

And if you didn't catch the original edit you can watch it here: