Matt Staggs Visuals // Joins The Spent Media Team

June 20, 2016

Matt Staggs (@mattstaggsvisuals) is a young dude you may find hanging out with a camera at downhill MTB races across the country. We met Matt on the side of the mountain at this years World Cup in Cairns, loved what he stood for, and brought him onboard our media team.

Our first collaborative drop is this little piece with downhill rider Josh Muncke. The pair decided they would shoot this the night before it went down, then in true MTB style they battled some less than desirable weather conditions but beat the gods and came out on top.


Matt, who operates as Matt Staggs Visuals, is in his final year of school. He aims for a career in the media industry whether it be in the bike scene, or with whatever other opportunities arise. Creating a feature length film, filming with a World Cup team, and having a career that revolves around the camera are some of his main goals, but above all his focus is to "have fun and enjoy what I'm doing". Expect more collaborations between Spent and Matt throughout the year!

Big shout outs to Josh Muncke (@josh_brgtnr) for doing the shredding as well! The orange/black colour combos suited our Force Longsleeve perfectly (check it out here). Josh is a 21yr old from the northern Beaches of Sydney. He loves to race and push his fitness, speed and ball size but mostly he's into riding to hang out with all of his mates.

These two awesome guys are living their lives the Spent way - chasing their passions and loving every minute of it. For more check out >> <<