Driven By Desire - What's that all about?

November 30, 2016

Spent was created as a way to capture a lifestyle revolving around passion. It's purpose was to form a culture for individuals who could relate to a common state of mind. Over the brands 5 year life there has been thousands of people relating to what we stand for, but what exactly is that?

Our motto Driven By Desire encompasses a lot of what Spent is. It's picking what you love and charging towards it at full speed. It's following the direction your heart points you in. It's waving to your goals as you sail past them. It's wiping beads of sweat off your forehead when nothing can wipe the smile from your face. Spent is the feeling we dedicate our lives to achieving.


The best thing about becoming Spent is that there is no prerequisites. There are no set standards for who can feel it or how they get there - and this is why the brand has brought so many people together. A skydivers rush after tossing himself from a plane. That guy at the festival who is still loving life on day 4. A BMX rider landing a trick that has taken him 74 attempts. Spent is for anyone who loves their craft enough to give 100% and some but finishes feeling better than ever.

What we are means a lot of different things to different people. Everyone has their own Spent - It's up to the individual to go out there, find it, and chase it with everything they have. Become one of us that are driven by desire.