F&Q time with BONKA about their recent Asian tour

March 23, 2017

Brisbane lads Lach and Condor, best known as the DJ duo Bonka, just touched back down in Aus after a 2 week tour of South Asia. 5 shows stretching 2 weekends made for plenty of good times and a stack of new experiences for the pair. We caught up with the boys for a quick recap on what went down and found out whats in store for the year to come - check it out!

It was your first overseas tour, was it what you expected?

Never been so excited to go out on the road as Bonka if we're honest, with our great mate and tour manger, we just knew it was going to be ridiculously fun regardless of the shows. As a tour it surpassed everything we expected, the shows were amazing and we had an amazing time! Got treated like kings and welcomed by the crowds with open arms.

How does the international crowd compare with back home?

The crowds were unbelievable just super receptive and appreciative of us ! They’re all so nice and were really people who you can see are serious fans of any type of dance music. When you compare that to Australia, its kind of the opposite as the Australian market is like a spoilt kid, as they are served with the best dj's and performers from around the world literally on a weekly basis. They take for granted the fact that agencies and venues are constantly serving up some of the highest quality entertainment in the world, week in and week out and anything less or considered to be not as “big” is not as warmly received as it is in Asia.

Was there a favourite show?

Our favourite show would probably have been Ark bar in Thailand! Playing over a beach with thousands of people dancing is something words truly cannot describe!

Any honourable behind the scenes moments to mention?

Not so many moments but to our tour manager Benny, this tour would not have happened/been anywhere near as enjoyable without you. So just a shoutout to Benny for being amazing and somehow managing to get both of us to each show in a different city/country every night. 

Did you adapt your set for the Asia shows?

The only difference we found was that bass music wasn’t as big over there as it is in the Australian scene at the moment, so we had to cater to the audiences by play more commercial than we usually do ,however we were still able to do it in a way which allowed us to play the music we liked and play the shows how we wanted to. 

Dream place to tour?

Would have to be Europe, we have both travelled there by ourselves or with our family. Although we never played, the scene over there is so massive and so exciting it be incredible to one day break into it and hopefully become a part of it.

Now all the partying is done, how are you going to chill out?

Well now we are home just climb into bed and sleep for as long as possible because there is no chill for us. We have only been back two days and our next tour starts tonight.

Whats next for Bonka in 2017? New releases, big events, collabs on the horizon?

For us, we are embarking on our 32 show Australian Tour which is promoting our forthcoming single “Like This” is the biggest and probably most exciting.

Anything else the world needs to know?

In terms of new releases we are putting out our single “like this” with our friend David Puentez from Germany…. Later in the year we have two more singles coming out and probably a few remixes along the way also.

We are also working on another “Project Bonka” party, which is an event we first ran as a house party for our fans at lachlan’s home last year, but this year we moved it to the black bear lodge in Brisbane and we will probably be running another one or two of those in Brisbane and potentially in other parts of Australia. 

And finally in terms of things which the world needs to know, that we are supe greatful for all the support we have been shown, wether its buying our music or coming to our shows! We appreciate the support we receive in every capacity so thank you so much ! and make sure you guys get around the guys and girls over at spent clothing, there stuff is legit and they are amazing!


Don't forget to check the boys out on their socials below for details on where to catch them on their Aussie tour!