Max Warshawsky // Bikes, Travelling and World Cups

April 18, 2016

Sunshine Coast native Max Warshawsky has joined Spent ahead of his debut World Cup season racing Downhill Mountain Biking at the highest level. After 15 years on a bike, and 2 years competing at World Cups at the Junior (U19) level, Max will compete at the Rd 2 of the Worlds season in Cairns, before heading to Europe to follow the series. Spent had a quick chat with Max ahead of the season to touch base with how everything is going and introduce him to the Spent crew!


What have you been doing since the last season finished?

I just got back from spending about a month riding and training in Queenstown, NZ. I haven't spent a lot of time on my DH bike this off season so it was sick to ride some proper tracks just before Cairns!

When did you first get involved with bikes?

I started racing bmx when I was 5 and moved onto downhill when I was 9.

What is your day to day routine?

Most of the time I'm probably either riding my bike, surfing, working or just hanging out. Or travelling around other countries. 

Biggest achievements so far?

Probably getting 4th at Junior World's in 2014 and 5th at Oceania champs a couple of weeks back.

Cairns is going to be a big race on home soil, whats the plan?

It's my first race in the Elite category so it will be good just to test the waters. I just want to qualify and anything better than that is a bonus. 

What will we see you do after Cairns?

I'm planning to go over to Europe at the end of May for a few months living the van life, while doing some more world cups and other euro races. Can't wait!

First year racing Elite is going to be a change, what are you hoping for?

Goals for this whole year are mainly just to have a darn good time! I hope to get some decent results throughout the year and it would be sweet to make the Aussie team to race world champs at the end of the season. Big shout out to Bergamont Bicycles for supporting me for another season!

26 or 27.5?


Clips or flats?


Favourite bike?

 My Bergamont Trailster AM Bike.

Favourite beer?

 Anything cold and cheap.

Favourite trail?

 Probably Schladming DH track.

Will we ever see you in lycra?

Maybe... But only on the road bike


Stay tuned to our social media channels as there will be plenty of updates on Max as he progresses through the year!

Photos courtesy of Max Warshawsky. Photographer: Zach Faulkner