Spent // Behind The Brand

March 15, 2016

SPENT is an Australian clothing label based on one, single feeling.
 They say there’s a wall in life, and when things get hard, you’ve hit it. We’ve all experienced it. The point where continuation becomes secondary and catching your breath is all you know; sound ringing through your ears, you can’t go any further. Your heart begins to beat hard and the wheels stop turning. What now? But back to that feeling? That single, feeling that defines Spent. That’s the feeling you get when you look behind you and there’s a human shaped hole in the wall, and you come crashing through riding the wave of your own determination.

 Spent is about being driven. We’re a lifestyle brand, driven by feeling. Driven to move past the restrictions of the latter and onto what is to come. We’re not here to catch our breath, we’re here to keep running, keep the heart beating. On and on. Spent is what you are. Day after day, when you skate past your own limits riding a rail of your own passion. The top of the hill is never too far when you push yourself in the struggle for success.

 So why Spent? Why sweat, struggle and strain for your goals? Because when your heartbeat quickens, tick tock tick tock; your breath starts running, the wall starts rising, you know. You know that feeling’s back. That single, important feeling, that’ll get you through a brick wall and onto tomorrow. Tomorrow where you turn around and see a hole through your goal, and onwards you ride.