Sam Fraser // The Ride So Far

April 07, 2016

SAM FRASER is a very unique MTB rider who specialises doing everything a little different to the rest. He owns about 15 bikes, likes getting upside down whenever possible, and races with a banana strapped to his helmet. Spent has been involved with his shenanigans for the past 12 months, so we sat down and had a chat about everything Sam. 

How did you first find yourself involved with bicycles?

I was about 11 years old and a lot of my friends were into it. My parents ended up getting me a MTB for Christmas one year and that was that.

How did MTB progress for you as you grew?

It didn't take long to realise the it was the most enjoyable thing I could do. I dropped all the other sports I was involved in and started pushing the limits of riding. For a long time I was only doing downhill. I focussed on that because it was the gnarliest form of MTB and it had a competitive structure where I lived. I also did a fair bit of dirt jumping and skate park riding. 

To this day, why do you continue to ride?

There is always something to do, or to learn. I can travel with it and it keeps making me happy. In high school Mum brought up the possibility of not riding and I never came to a conclusion.

Outside of riding, what do you do?

So I study mechanical engineering but I do a lot outside of that and bikes. I try get on the slopes to snow board as often as possible, and am also a rescue diver. Other than that I just try to get out and about camping, going to the beach, and hanging with mates, ladies and my dog.

What are some of your biggest and best moments in the sport?

I have had pretty consistent race results. I was 5th in Jr Elite National Champs in my last junior year, and also came 5th at a QLD State round whilst flipping in my race run. Last year I travelled to Cairns for a tourism video and flipped a 40 foot gap jump which was cool. Other than that I'm supported by a good group of companies that help me do what I want to achieve. 

26 or 27.5?

26 always.

Clips or flats?

Flats... Flat out... (awkward)

Favourite bike?

The trusty stead (Ironhorse). Don't tell the Solid though.

Favourite beer?

Whatever comes in the $10 jugs at uni.

Favourite trail?

Cedar Creek - it's home.

Will we ever see you in lycra?

Whilst intoxicated if you're lucky.

What do you think of the Australian scene?

The elite field is good, so that makes it competitive. There is always a good bunch of rowdy spectators having a loose time. I'd like to see more freestyle develop as the overall MTB scene grows.

Would you ever live somewhere else in the world?

I don't know about moving anywhere permanently but anywhere with bikes and mountains is on my bucket list. Next adventure will be New Zealand with my dog.

What are your views on enduro?

You mean mountain biking? I've been doing it since I was a kid. I think it is really good for our scene. I've competed in cross country once and actually had a good time. It's not quite downhill but it's better than football.

What is there in the future of Sam Fraser?

Cool shit. See rad places with my bike. Do stuff people haven't done before. I'd like to push the boundaries of myself and the sport and hopefully the more I can do that the bigger and better I can go. I have a few things in the works that will be released over the next few months!

Anything else the world needs to know?

Life's short. Stunt it.


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