The Bonar Brothers // 5yr Old Identical Skate Twins

December 16, 2015

On the Spent team’s recent tour of the Australia East Coast they met up with the newest things on the countries skate scene… The Bonar Brothers! Alfie and Boaz are 5 year old identical twin brothers from Newcastle who have been skating for almost a year. The duo had two sessions filming with Spent for this web edit, and their unreal levels of skill and pure energy meant it was no problem to stomp all their tricks!

In early 2014 the boys were in the car with their parents (Who knew nothing about the skate world) when they spotted a skate park and wanted to see what it was all about. This very quickly progressed into requesting for their own boards, and it wasn’t long until they were dropping into quarter pipes three times taller than themselves. The brothers have competed at a few comps around the country, including the ACT Jam in Canberra where they first met the Spent team. At such a young age they look forward to many years of pursuing their skating dreams. They also have a 4 yr old brother, Odin, who is just starting to follow in the twins footsteps.