Bikes, Shovels and Beers // Build Day In Paradise

May 17, 2016

After our MTB rider Sam Fraser put in the hard yards with a few mates getting the set of local trails running, it was time for a build day. A group of legends got off the couch for a Sunday session with bikes, shovels, beers, tunes and a BBQ - and carved out a few more hits in the process.  Spent BMX rider Chris James made an appearance and leant some expertise in trail building - not to mention throwing down some massive flips and spins. So many groups of people were brought together by the same passions to make the day what it was, and that is what lies at the heart of Spent. It's safe to say this is the first of many build days as we make plans to keep the good times happening throughout all action sport scenes in Aus. 

Check out a little edit from the build day below. If you are around the Brisbane/Gold Coast area and want to come along next time flick us an email at for details!